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2 min readApr 13, 2023

Three months into my relationship, the demons keep me up at night and I remember what it is I hated about the Koran.

Mr. Genevieve hasn’t read it, but I had to.

I bragged to him early on that I’ve read everything under the sun, I can sing Latin, AND I can rap. This is unfortunately true…and some of it leaves a very foul taste in my mouth.

Anyway, the Koran.

It wasn’t just the harsh legalism and thinly veiled excuses for political power… nope.

It wasn’t just the weirdly corrupted Bible stories… hmmmmmm, nope.

It was this one line about women that is so disgusting and degrading, I have never, not ever, forgotten it:

A woman is a field to be plowed.

It occurs to me now that this is the problem with much of America, with any man who takes his eyes off the Christian God. They use women up and spit them out like pieces of property.

The casting couch…

Men who can’t keep it in their pants…

Men who divorce their wives…

Guys, don’t be that man.

My brothers tell me their Muslim guy friends can’t seem to find women in America who want to marry them.

Muahahahahaha. Yeaaaaahhhhhh…what woman, having tasted the freedom of America, would want to sign up for that shit?

Very early on in our relationship, Mr. Spicy Chocolate kept dropping the word “partner” and I was like Ugh internally because I have zero desire for my future life to be some kind of business contract. Nor do I want him to show up and negotiate money with the pater like some kind of arranged marriage.

I much prefer to be his rib.

Yeah, we dropped that lingo real fast.

It also reminds me of a video I must have seen last year. I remember it vividly: It was a woman being executed in Saudi Arabia. She had been accused of murdering her husband. I wonder if it was in self-defense?

I remember it so clearly because she was lying in a black sack on the ground, and her executioner was twisting and turning it to keep her immobilized. They had wrapped her up like an unwanted dog to be drowned.

And I think…

Those men took everything from her.

Her face…

Her individuality…

Her dignity…

I remember her screaming and crying and begging even though it was in a language I do not understand.

I imagine she was crying for mercy.

No one, but no one, had mercy on her.

Not her family.

Not her culture.

Not her government.

Not her executioner.

Certainly not a busy world that saw that video and tsked its tongue and went about its business.

I wonder if she was screaming and crying because she knew she was going to face judgement from a God she had been taught only to FEAR, not to LOVE.

Allah, remember, is an unforgiving and unmerciful God.

But I imagine…


I imagine my God had mercy on her poor soul.



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