That Convo Thing

If you seek God in the every day…

Open up your eyes and look around you…

Passing a bus stop on a sunny day,

I see a Millennial Man with long lanky hair,

And I see a Boomer Woman with short gray hair,

I wonder what they speak of, sitting there,

This mismatched pair.

I have a theory…

Do you want to hear me?

I rather suspect…

I really rather think…

In fact,

I might tentatively posit

They are talking of God.

In fact,

I wonder if all conversations are about God, in some way, shape, or form…

And we just never stop to realize it.

I might even suggest…

That if you slow down long enough

Sit calmly enough

Look at someone long enough

Love them hard enough…

You can hear their heartbeat in the words that they say.



Genevieve Wolf

Just out here writing about daily life, humor, God, and Catholicism.