That Catholic Thing

Genevieve Wolf
2 min readJul 9, 2023

“People HATE Catholics, Genevieve,” the mater would intone dramatically along with the Latin prayers growing up, and then wonders why her daughters struggle massively with anxiety.

This is (no disrespect to my mother) potentially the stupidest thing of all time to tell your kids if you want them to continue practicing and have deep faith.

Oh good grief! It’s nondenom 2.0 with extra spiritual pizzazzy things.

This plus the endless rules for Proper Catholic Womanhood plus nine older cubs to keep happy at all times plus endless shaming for my choice of degree made life feel like an unbearable burden not worth living.

“You have a hard shell, Genevieve,” college bestie God-is-Gracious informed me — I really do have the memory of an elephant for chance remarks — probably because…

When people find out about the Greeks, Romans, homeschooling, Latin, smattering of two other languages, and nine older cubs, they tend to FREAK.

But then I woke up one day and realized…


That Catholic Thing is the reason I have way too many siblings, way too many niblings, and I’m related to the entire Midwest…

I find the Church most wonderful. I wonder, reader, do you?

If you want in on the game, get your head in the game.

There’s a book on that too called Why We Are Catholic.

In terms of the everyday…

I’m not sure why the Lord ever felt so far away…

If you listen closely, you can hear Him in everything. Here’s a song that helped me through the bad days at work last year.

I imagine Latin is what the angels sing in Heaven.

Get yer butt to church you filthy animal!



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