Genevieve Wolf
1 min readApr 27, 2023


As of a few days ago, my dear friends, the prognosis for my mother is most excellent.

I suspect…mostly due to the power of prayer, more than anything else.

She’s gonna make it to the wedding and maybe even the birth of the first little Spanish coffee bean.

They might have curly hair, which is funny, because I always hardcore identified with Ramona the Pest chasing after the girl with the curly hair.

The mater keeps on giving me funny looks like — why does everyone keep on sending endless hugs and comfort and prayers and food to our doorstep?

Oh. Shux. Probably because I’ve been on the interwebs complaining about being thin.

Yeah, no it’s fine, we’re good, thank you.

And why ever worry about me, dear reader?

I landed where the food is plentiful and the Jesus freaks are very kind.

Get that little bit of medicine you need, that therapy you need, that book on prayer you need, that church family you need, that friend in faith you need…

Jesus heals all wounds.

Remember that you are the sum total of the people you hang out with.

If you want a happy and healthy marriage, hang out with those who do…

Run toward God like a crazy person with your hair on fire!



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