Jesus Freaks

Genevieve Wolf
2 min readApr 13, 2023


In this comedy of life, wherein Genevieve always sticks her foot in her mouth for some reason, but yet attempts to be a better Jesus freak every day, it occurs to me…

How could you toss your heart across the ocean, Genevieve?

Well, gosh, I donno, reader…

I saw his faith, his soul, his heart…

Catholics, after all, are just Jesus freaks with funky habits (ha), a set schedule for feasting and fasting (good for body and soul), some superheroes of virtue we call “saints,” and a Big Papa who calls everyone to love and peace and forgiveness.

I attempt, everyday, to be less judgey, and I hope you do too.

I came to the recent realization that I can walk into pretty much any church in the world and worship my God.

Potentially the best relationship advice I have ever read is that one should just see every problem as exterior to you, the couple. Thus, it is more like a block off to the side or a puzzle to be solved together.

So I fight off Demons of Doubt, Fear, and Despair with all the appropriate Bible verses and meditational prayer, and Mr. Genevieve does paperwork with phenomenal flair.

Everyone’s top four questions about Mr. Chocolate Brownie Thunder seem to be…

a) What does he look like? (Hot, duh)

b) What does he sound like? (Hot, duh!)

c) What does he do? (Chef, which is FUNNY, because I joked to my high school best friend that I wanted a man who cooks…)

d) What about cultural differences? (Well, gosh, I get to eat great curry for the rest of my life and vacation in exotic locations).

I mean, obvs you gotta get yourself the man who will play well with the clan (which my boo will do), but get yourself the man whose faith will move mountains…

of gov paperwork just to come frickin’ visit!



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