His Mary, My Joseph

Genevieve Wolf
2 min readJun 27, 2023


Here’s the interesting thing about Saint Mary: she suffers a lot. In fact, she watches her son get crucified by the world.

Here’s the interesting thing about Saint Joseph: we Catholics call him the TERROR OF DEMONS.

Two premises.

Two conclusions:

To be a Catholic mother with children is a bit like having various heartstrings out in the world constantly exposed to various dangers that you cannot anticipate or protect against.

This is of course why we need to teach our children to pray to their guardian angels.

Saint Joseph is a wise, calm, and silent protector of the Holy Family. As a Catholic father it’s important not to terrify the petite females in your life because this, well, this gives them a warped sense of God.

Here’s a book on Saint Joseph if you’re interested.

My dad does a great imitation of this, as he is fairly used to me calling him up and telling him that someone has screwed Petunia again.

My boo does a wonderful imitation of this as he sweeps aside every concern and anxiety (emotional and financial) so that we can do the ring, wedding, baby carriage thing.


(Meanwhile all my Overcaffeinated Hyperprotective Big Bros are like ARRRRRRRRRRRRR YOU CRAZY WOMAN, per usual, and I’m just like…you dumdums, if you do not stop panicking…)



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