False Idols

Genevieve Wolf
1 min readMar 14, 2023

How did I know I had landed my Moby Dick, my white whale, my best Catholic guy of all time?

Maybe it happened when he sent me his fourteen page bucket list, offered me a scissors, and said I could add anything I wanted.

I corrected his trash British spelling, of course.

It’s important to have a joint bucket list, and talk about God all the time!

In my attempt to smash all the awful moments of my old life, I realize now…

Lose the swear words, Genevieve.

Never project, Genevieve.

Never anger, Genevieve.

Never any pride, Genevieve.

Never judge anyone, Genevieve.

Remember your first name, Genevieve.

Be humble, Genevieve.

Don’t be argumentative, Genevieve.

Don’t be combative, Genevieve.

Never worship mammon with this man, Genevieve!

Only ever greater love with this man, Genevieve!

Only ever greater joy with this man, Genevieve!




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