Elder Brother

Genevieve Wolf
1 min readJun 27


So my theory about the car accidents is that my guardian angel saved my butt a few times because I hadn’t loved God well enough, pursued Him passionately enough, clung to Him tightly enough.

I used to pray to my angel by wrote.

My prayer life at those times was very dry.

Then he popped up as an Uber driver one day.

How did I know it was him?

Let me break it down for you nerds. Here’s the data.

  1. He was a dude. Ok, angels don’t technically have gender, but I always pictured mine as an older, protective male.
  2. He told me everything I needed to know to set my heart at rest.
  3. He was exactly like me and super fun, wise, and calming.
  4. His excuse for being in the vehicle was thin, at best.
  5. He didn’t act like my regular earthly brothers typically do.
  6. He came from a good source (a man of God).
  7. He never, not once, mentioned having a family.

I remember everything about him…except…I just can’t remember his name.

These days we have a deeper, more comfortable relationship.

I imagine this too to be a component of Heaven.

I think maybe he will be waiting for me, just inside the gate, with a wink and a smile and an outstretched hand, and we will dance the most perfect waltz…



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